Mystery Pepper!


We have a selection of sweet peppers, including Jimmy Nardello, Antohi, California Wonder peppers, all grown with the assistance of Logan (5 years) and Elliott (3 years). Unfortunately, we’re now unsure what peppers are what! Enjoy a bargain price for these great heirlooms and let us know what you end up with. Or, request one of each type to ensure you get the full variety!

Jimmy Nardello Peppers
These Italian heirloom peppers may appear to be hot peppers, but they actually have a sweet wonderful flavor. They are capable of being highly productive throughout the season even in wetter or cooler weather. The peppers were originally grown in the Basilcata region of Italy but came to the United States with the Nardello family when they immigrated to Connecticut in the late 1800s. The plants are grown by home gardeners today throughout the United States and Canada.

Antohi Sweet Peppers
These sweet peppers ripen from yellow to bright red and are approximately 4” long. They can be eaten raw or used in home cooking. These heirloom peppers were brought to the United States in the 1990s by Jan Antohi, a Romanian acrobat that reportedly missed his mother’s cooking. The seeds have since traveled worldwide.

California Wonder Peppers
The California Wonder pepper is what people think of when they imagine bell peppers. It’s a the standard pepper variety and is capable of easily growing in a wide variety of conditions. The peppers are large, crunchy, and delicious.

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