Meadowsweet (Spiraea alba)


Note that these plants will not be available until mid to late June.

Although often mistaken for a wildflower, meadowsweet is technically a shrub! The white fuzzy flowers are a pollinator favorite and the stems take on more woody properties as the plant ages. Ethnobotany records reveal the plant has a rich history being as a green and in teas, but we haven’t had the pleasure of trying it yet and are waiting for the plants we’re growing to mature! Will update in a season or two with our personal experience!

These plants are plug sized and do not come in a pot and will not be at our farm stand unless by request. If you are interested but do not want to order online, please call/text, or contact through social media and we’ll make sure some are out there.

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Why are We Planting This?

Ecological Gifts
Favorite of pollinators and a host plant for the Spring Azure Butterfly

Edible Gifts
We’re most excited to incorporate this into homemade teas.

Medicinal Gifts
Some history in herbal medicine. See below.

Read more about the ethnobotany of meadowsweet and its history at the fully-referenced Plants for a Future and the Native American Ethnobotany Database.

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