About Our Family

Michael Marie (left) and Cory (right) live in Dexter, Michigan. We are slowly transitioning several acres of monoculture turf around our home to something we hope will one day be more beneficial to our own lives, our community, and our surrounding ecosystem. We are deepening our relationship to the more-than-human world during this process and will be lifelong learners of how to integrate more place-based practices into our lifestyle. In the meantime, we have extra plants and handwoven baskets to share from our efforts!

Michael’s Discovery of Basket Weaving

Michael’s journey into basketweaving was driven by a deep love for a family member planning their eventual green burial and her rapidly growing affection for growing and tending plants. It was a bit of an eccentric journey filled with harder-to-find books, sometimes choppy youtube videos, and hours of road tripping to learn the craft in-person from other willow weavers, and (of course!) many many hours weaving on the floor in the corner of her bedroom weaving. This ongoing learning culminated this spring in an incredible apprenticeship with funerary artisan and willow weaver Mary Lauren Fraser in Massachusetts. Michael left this apprenticeship with an understanding of how to weave a final vessel for her loved one with plants that she had been tending and caring for herself, a reciprocal echo of how her family has cared for her throughout her own life.

Michael’s affection for all plants in the willow family has grown the more she’s planted, tended, woven, and learned, and it very much mirrors the love she feels for the family member that first inspired this journey. Michael will be growing, tending, weaving, and learning with this plant for the rest of her life and is eager to share her love of this plant and this ancient place-based craft with her wider community.