Silky Dogwood (Cornus amomum)


Also called Pale Dogwood and Swamp Dogwood, this plant has early blooms followed by fruits loved by many bird species. The species also serves as a host plant to the Spring Azure caterpillars.

Plants are currently being sold in gallon-sized recycled plastic pots that were donated to our nursery by community members.

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Why are We Planting This?

Ecological Gifts
Fruit appreciated by birds. Serves as a host plant for the spring azure butterfly.

Edible Gifts
The fruit is reportedly edible and tasty, though we have not had the opportunity to try it yet.

Medicinal Gifts
This plant has a history in herbal medicine. See below.

Read more about the ethnobotany of this plant and its history uses at the fully-referenced Plants for a Future and the Native American Ethnobotany Database.

Additional information

Special Features

Good for Wild Birds, Host Plants


Full, Partial, Shade


Average, Wet



Bloom Color


Bloom Time

July, June

Native Plant Category

Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

Type of Plant

Native to Michigan