Rosin Weed (Silphium integrifolium)


This plant is a favorite of both pollinators and birds and can make a good addition to your native garden. Unlike other tall plants, it topples over less frequently. It spreads slower than many other perennial sunflowers, making it work well in small garden spaces.

Plants are currently provided in recycled plastic pots donated to our nursery by community members (size varies, especially at the farmstand!) or in soil blocks. Please read more about soil block here.

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Why are We Planting This?

Ecological Gifts
Loved by many pollinators, especially our native solitary bees. Seeds enjoyed by birds as well and the plant makes a wonderful addition to native plant gardens.

Edible Gifts
Its seed has potential as a source of oil and its rosin has a history of use as chewing gum (see below). We’ll likely be trying both once plants are well-established.

Medicinal Gifts
The plant has a rich medicinal history as well. See more below.

Read more about the ethnobotany of this plant and its history of medicinal uses at Native American Ethnobotany Database or the Plants for a Future database.

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Average, Dry



Bloom Color


Bloom Time

August, July, September

Native Plant Category


Type of Plant

Native to Michigan


3" Pot, Soil Block