Thank you for considering including me as a vendor in the 2024 Living History Show. Below are examples of my weaving work. Please allow a few minutes for photos to load.

Below are some examples of my burial baskets. I am a member of the Funerary Artisan’s Collective and weave coffins, burial trays, and urns that double in use as everyday baskets proceeding death. They can be used as blanket chests, shelving, herb trays, tables, or for simple storage. I’d like to have these at the show to double as shelving for merchandise while also offering visitors information about this natural and traditional burial option that remains rarely pursued in modern day. Woven burial baskets are a living tradition, and I also offer people the opportunity to weave their vessels alongside me.

Finally below are examples of my partner and I in pre-1890 period wear. We vend at ren faires and other festivals, so have a few different outfits on hand. Rest assured we would never dream of wearing jeans.